6 Employee Benefits that Help in Improving Employee Productivity

By Bhavika Sharma, Survey Designer, SurveySparrow

Bhavika Sharma, Survey Designer, SurveySparrowBhavika Sharma, Survey Designer, SurveySparrow

Measuring Employee Productivity

It is important for you to determine if the benefits you are offering are actually helping increase productivity or not. 

One way to gauge that is by taking an employee satisfaction survey. Asking the right questions can help you understand which benefits are working and which aren’t.

6 Employee Benefits that Increase Productivity

• Flexibility of Working Hours

Forget the regular 9-to-5 work hours. It does not represent the best working schedule.

Some people are more productive in the morning, while others may churn out their best work past noon. Putting everyone in a fixed time bracket won’t be helpful for the business. Fixed working hours won’t necessarily make your employees productive.

Flexible working hours allow the employees to work when they are most productive. Giving some degree of flexibility will result in happier and productive employees.

• Working from Home

Working from home always had a bad reputation. Employers equated that with letting their employees take a day off or not getting any work done that day.

The reality is quite the opposite. A study from PGI found that 80 per cent of employees reported higher levels of morale when they were allowed to work from home.

This perk allows them to be more productive and enjoy the work-life balance.

"When someone joins a company, they look for perks that come along with the salary. Employee benefits motivate the employees to work better and be more productive. More the benefits, happier the employees."

• Opportunity to Learn New Skills

Give your employees a powerful tool—opportunities to expand their skills.

Your employees will be grateful to get such an opportunity. You will get the added benefit of having a highly skilled team.

Sponsor them to pursue new advanced degrees, organize mentor sessions, bring in experts who can share their skills or organize networking events.

• Health Care Benefits

The employees will appreciate if you give access to good health care or family care programs.

Access to health care lowers employees’ stress levels that come with handling health care expenses. Include holistic options and mental health days. If you cannot afford this benefit, offer them extra personal days in case of medical emergencies.

Healthy employees mean they will take fewer sick days and will be happier.

• Rewards for Performance

This is quite a common benefit that most companies offer. However, companies tend to give rewards and awards annually.

Make it a regular benefit and you will witness a more engaged and productive workforce. You could either give a monetary reward, a memento or send an email across the company highlighting employees’ achievements.

• Financial Wellness Programs

Personal finances are on top of the ‘what stresses you’ list. Financial issues can be a distraction from producing quality work.

Offer generous retirement plans, robust financial wellness programs and supplemental insurance products. You can even offer student-loan payback assistance.

Work actively to implement different benefits. Take an employee benefits survey to find out what benefits the employees want. Benefits will also help you retain employees and lower the attrition rate. 

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