AGM Benefit Solutions: Streamlining Benefit Enrollment and Administration

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Adam Miley, Managing Partner and John Dodge, Managing Partner, AGM Benefit SolutionsAdam Miley, Managing Partner and John Dodge, Managing Partner To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.

In the booming job market, employers and HR teams undeniably have a strong case for investing in better employee benefits packages and wellness programs to attract and retain top talent. Recent studies show 58 percent of employees are likely to take a job with slightly lower pay, but with a robust benefits package. The reason behind it is simple: employee benefits serve as a distinct representation of the relationship and value a company has for its employees. Employee satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement skyrocket when employee benefits symbolize values that both employers and employees share. That said, educating employees on what their benefit package entails is no small feat.

For many HR teams and large employers, employee benefits can be a challenge due to increased governmental compliance requirements and the ever-changing insurance industry. Contrary to popular belief, employees rarely value rich employee benefit packages unless communicated clearly and effectively. Companies that offer a robust benefits suite could still risk employee discontent and unwanted turnover of key employees due to poor education and communication. Even in companies with thousands of employees, HR departments are spread thin, and they lack staff solely responsible for enrolling, administering and communicating employee benefits. As demand for improved communication increases, benefit brokers and consultants face more requests for their time and resources, which they often fail to fulfill. Availing a reliable communication and enrollment strategy is the best solution for organizations when it comes to increasing employee morale and retention.

By partnering with brokers and consultants, Baton Rouge-based AGM Benefit Solutions is the leading provider for benefits communication, enrollment, and benefit administration services. AGM improves not only how benefits are communicated, enrolled and administered, but also increases broker revenue through strategic voluntary benefits strategies. Armed with state-of-the-art technologies, AGM delivers communications and enrollment strategies that are structured to simplify employee enrollment and increase understanding. “We are HR’s best friend,” states Adam Miley, Managing Partner, AGM Benefit Solutions. As an outsourced partner for benefits brokers, AGM assists both HR teams and brokers by managing the entire communication, education and benefits enrollment process.

Instead of managing it all internally, through true partnership, we lighten the load for brokers while assisting them to communicate, enroll, and administer employee benefits for large cases

Benefits Communication, Enrollment, and Administration Made Easy

AGM Benefit Solutions brings an extensive suite of benefits administration technology, enrollment services, and voluntary benefit solutions to the table. They have certified call center enrollment counselors dedicated to simplifying benefit enrollment for employees who are based remotely or continuously are on the go. AGM’s team of enrollment agents located around the country, help employees with 1:1 on-site enrollment. “We believe every employee should have a personalized experience even if they work off-site,” adds John Dodge, managing partner of the firm. Also, by leveraging AGM’s easy-to-use online self-service enrollment portal, users can enroll at their convenience from any device and location.

AGM’s technology integrates with virtually any insurance carrier, payroll provider or third-party vendor, along with multiple other human resources information systems (HRIS) and payroll HCM platforms. This integration alone creates efficiencies for both the HR team and their broker partner. “Recognizing the value of our services, benefits brokers and consultants partner with us to streamline their large accounts and transform the way benefits are communicated, enrolled and administered,” adds Miley. AGM has a technology team that specializes in BenAdmin portal coding that can assist in personalizing each portal to the client’s unique needs.

In addition to enrolling traditional health and welfare benefits, AGM also specializes in voluntary benefits. AGM provides a comprehensive voluntary benefits product suite, through national partnerships with the nation’s top worksite benefit carriers. In essence, AGM’s solution ensures a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved—HR teams now have access to AGM’s robust technology solutions and enrollment resources, brokers are generating more revenue and closing more business, and AGM is serving as the backbone that manages it all.

Delivering Value through a Unique Business Model

AGM equips clients with its services and solutions by following a unique partnership model with their employee benefits brokers and consultants. As the complexity of healthcare regulations grows by the day, there is a pressing need to effectively communicate and educate employees on the benefit packages. In such a scenario, benefits brokers and consultants are inundated with requests and demands from their accounts, and they are often unable to meet them due to a dearth of resources.
“Even for brokers working for large benefit consulting firms, the resources are often limited when it comes to enrollment and communicating benefit plans,” notes Miley. This is where AGM comes in the picture. “Instead of managing it all internally, through true partnership, we lighten the load for brokers and their accounts.” AGM empowers benefit brokers with an array of resources at their disposal, comprising hundreds of benefit counselors across the country, who can perform on-site face to face education and communication of benefit packages while receiving remote assistance through AGM’s call center and online benefit enrollment portal.

Before deploying its solutions, AGM interacts with its clients to uncover their key pain points, be it issues with benefits administration, managing multiple insurance carriers, open enrollment, or new hire onboarding. Through the unique business model, “Our services can be availed for free by HR departments and the clients through the partnership that we have with their broker,” Dodge remarks.

Executing the Mission of Building Raving Fans

AGM has built many success stories, which are generating referral businesses for the company. Miley recalls their association with a school board consisting of 20 schools with almost 2000 employees. Before AGM was involved, the HR department carried out paper-based enrollments. Those paper files were communicated back to their broker, who had to key in the details manually into the insurance carrier portals. Open enrollment was exceedingly complicated, with limited communication to employees. AGM stepped in and remediated the issue by rebranding the client’s marketing and enrollment materials along with implementing a new benefits administration and enrollment software. AGM integrated its software with the client’s insurance carriers, COBRA administrator, and HRIS payroll platform while providing face-to-face open enrollment support to employees and a call center service to help employees complete their yearly enrollment from any convenient location. From an administrative perspective, AGM implemented their combined billing service, simplifying carrier billing reconciliation and payments.

"Recognizing the value of our services, benefits brokers, and consultants partner with us to streamline their larger cases and transform the ways, benefits are communicated, enrolled, and administered"

For the coming five years, AGM has aggressive expansion plans and aims to become a dominant national player across the country. Although AGM’s software is highly customizable and checks all the boxes of a customizable benefits administration and enrollment software, the company intends to provide clients with the option of multiple software programs to choose from depending on their needs. “We are currently vetting several platforms and want to develop additional software in-house” adds Dodge. As a rapidly scaling company, AGM is highly focusing on extensive recruitment while relentlessly innovating and reinvesting back in the company. AGM is poised to scale new heights in the employee benefits space and transform the way HR professionals communicate and educate employees on benefits packages.
- Aaron Pierce
    June 12, 2019