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Arthur Taylor, President & CEO, Benefit Allocation Systems, LLCArthur Taylor, President & CEO
Benefit Allocation Systems, LLC (BAS), a Pennsylvania-based employee benefits administrator, offers a complete employee benefits enrollment & administration solution in the cloud called MyEnroll360.

MyEnroll360—based on a unified database and developed with BAS’ in-house programmers—is a Ben-Admin platform and service that incorporates all the elements of a best-of-breed solution. BAS and its MyEnroll360 ecosystem supports employers’ complete benefits enrollment & administration needs. This includes: online enrollment management for new hire, mid-year life events, annual and special enrollments; payroll, carrier and third-party system electronic data interchange; fully integrated COBRA administration; complete FSA/ HRA administration with online claim submission and weekly claim reimbursements; Affordable Care Act data collection, tax form distribution and IRS e-filing; new hire verification and dependent audits; automated self-billing premium & expense billing; employee training/learning, and more.

MyEnroll360 ecosystem provides the software and back office support services to ensure any sized organization can reduce costs and simplify administration for new hire onboarding, benefits enrollment & communications, COBRA, Flexible Spending Accounts, Affordable Care Act reporting, retiree & individuals’ premium billing, and location premium billing.

BAS is able to offer its MyEnroll360 solution at industry-low prices since it owns all means of production. “All software is developed in-house; we own our call center, and a full-time legal counsel on staff. Therefore, we are able to control costs and provide real-time, quality support to our clients to save them time and money,” says Arthur Taylor, President/CEO ofBAS.

MyEnroll360 mitigates benefit plan enrollment and administration complexities throughout the entire benefit plan life cycle for over 4,000 clients across the United States, ranging from organizations with two employees, to organizations with over 30,000 lives.
BAS is known throughout the industry for helping organizations reengineer their HR & benefit plan administration workflows to achieve operational efficiencies and costs savings.

One BAS client required a billing solution with complex eligibility and highly granular billing rules to invoice over 5,000 retired employees for their share of a welfare benefit premium. BAS facilitated the communications and premium billing & collection through its MyEnroll360 by consolidating bundles of the retirees’ paper personnel files scattered in locations throughout the U.S. into the MyEnroll360 database. “We took them through the entire life cycle of data collection, data cleanup, system implementation, and premium billing. Further, by using the Social Security Master Death File to reconcile active versus deceased retirees that the client hadn’t accounted for. That way, we ensured the client wasn’t billing for deceased retirees, and mitigated the possibilities of fraud,” says Taylor.

MyEnroll360 mitigates benefit plan enrollment and administration complexities throughout the entire benefit plan life cycle for over 4,000 clients across the United States

The MyEnroll360 enrollment and compliance solution is particularly helpful for organizations with decentralized locations and multiple employee classes. The system is highly configurable which supports benefits enrollment, onboarding, data interchange with insurers and payroll systems, premium billing, and compliance, in a manner to best fit clients’ needs. Clients particularly appreciate the ability to tailor enrollment options and communications based on any number of benefits classes with any number of benefit choices. They also like the ease at which MyEnroll360 can share data with insurers and payroll companies.

BAS continually develops new and enhanced MyEnroll360 services, so the road ahead for BAS’clients is filled with great opportunities for further efficiencies and costs savings. The immediate focus is launching its new, comprehensive new hire onboarding platform, and expanding its online training module to empower employers to setup and distribute training videos based on just about any classification of employee groupings.