ProView Global: Embracing a Thoughtful Global Talent Strategy

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Michael L. Rivera, President & COO, ProView GlobalMichael L. Rivera, President & COO
ProView Global (PvG) is not unlike many other offshore outsourcing companies. They offer a suite of services designed to support a specific industry. Their core capabilities include continuous process improvement, effective cost management, and reducing operational risk for their clients.

What has made them unique and successful over the past twelve years in the U.S. employee benefit industry is their unrelenting focus with their clients in embracing a thoughtful global talent management strategy.

Today, most U.S. companies are being challenged to achieve positive organic growth, improve bottom line results, and hire the talent to deliver the services promised to their clients. In this environment, insurance brokers, BenTech companies, and third-party administrative companies are struggling with delivering the complex administrative services to support their employee benefits clients. Simply stated, employers are struggling in hiring talent at a time the U.S.unemployment rate is the lowest since 1969.

PvG’s solution is to first focus on improving their client’s high-performing culture. Through working with the client’s senior executives and the operations team management, PvG increases client productivity by improving workflow processes and repurposing U.S. talent. Organic growth goals are achieved by dedicating U.S. employees to focus solely on higher value, client-facing roles. Corporate culture is enhanced by transitioning U.S. employees into performing more meaningful and intellectually challenging work.

So how does PvG ensure clients have the confidence to transition high-volume processes?

Since 2006, the PvG management team recognized a bachelor’s degree was no longer enough to prepare someone for a career in insurance brokerage and employee benefits administration. It is an industry with labor-intensive job functions that are extremely complex with ever-evolving regulations and legal mandates. Services can range from enrolling, managing and updating a client’s employee benefit programs to supporting an insurance broker with underwriting, risk management, and policy renewals. Another challenge is the volume of the tasks increases five-fold during the fourth quarter of every year.

PvG creates talent through their “The University of Benefits” before integrating them with client teams. “We start by hiring really smart people with degrees in economics or mathematics and put them through a rigorous training program to deeply understand employee benefits. It’s only post-graduation that they are assigned to specific client teams. “Our objective is to educate, but to also make our employees find purpose in what we do.” explains Michael L. Rivera, President, PvG.
Alex Wasilewski, CEO
PvG’s trained resources are then assigned to dedicated client teams serving U.S. based clients. The result? PvG’s clients save up to 60 percent in labor costs, significantly increase their productivity, and most importantly, clients experience these results immediately as PvG’s workforce is already trained in employee benefits.

“When we train our employees, we just don’t teach them the process on executing transactions. We have been successful engaging our employees each day with meaningful work. It’s embedded in their hearts and minds that every transaction impacts the lives of our client’s employees and their families,” says Rivera.

The success of the PvG strategy is best illustrated with a U.S. based insurance brokerage firm. Approaching PvG, the client struggled with meeting their financial goals, acquiring new clients and strengthening client relationships. Working together, the client and PvG were able to create and train a dedicated service team in Manila supporting 80 percent of all operational transactions. The insurance brokerage firm, through repurposing their workforce, increased their client facing services by threefold and met their sales goals for the first time in four years. Clearly, deploying a robust global workforce strategy dramatically changed the brokerage firm’s financial results.

We have been successful engaging our employees each day with meaningful work. It’s embedded in their hearts and minds that every transaction impacts the lives of our client’s employees and their families

PvG has been ISO 9001 certified since 2006, ISO 27001 since 2012 and obtains SOC Type II audits yearly. This gives their clients peace of mind that PvG deploys the highest industry standard controls.

According to Alex Wasilewski, CEO of PvG, the company will continue to focus supporting SME client’s high-performing cultures. “Clearly, having the right workforce strategy is determining the winners in today’s global markets. It is our experience that engagement increases when an employee performs purpose-driven work. Our strategy is to assist our clients to repurpose their US talent into higher-value client facing roles while improving workflow processes through outsourcing. We believe all non-client facing work should be performed by dedicated team members in a more cost-effective offshore location or automating the work using robotics process automation.”

In the coming year, PvG intends to extend their global talent strategy in supporting property and casualty insurance brokers.