Tango Health: Using Data to Raise Employees' Healthcare IQ

Scott Van Horn, CEO, Tango HealthScott Van Horn, CEO
The cost of health insurance has steadily risen, making it even more important for employees to choose the best health plan for themselves and their families. Even though employees value their medical insurance, they often don’t understand it or take the time to research their benefits. The outcome isn’t surprising. Many employees avoid change and select the same plan year after year. It is easier to just stick with what they know instead of doing research and digging into why one health plan might be better for them than another. The results? Employees and employers pay too much money for coverage they do not need.

“The statistics say that people will spend more than two hours researching a vacation, but they will spend less than 30 minutes researching and making their medical plan decision because it is an uncomfortable activity,” says Scott Van Horn, CEO of Tango Health. “Without a way to end the uncertainty of a decision, employees double down on the health plan they are already in and mentally block new information about other available options,” adds Van Horn.

Employers are looking for ways to help their employees better understand healthcare (HSAs, out-of-pocket costs, deductibles, in-network) and easily select the best plan for their needs. This can lead to higher employee engagement and talent retention. To assist employees in selecting an ideal plan, Texas-based Tango Health offers their Tango Decision Assist™ software powered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics.

Tango Decision Assist guides employees to understand consumer-directed healthcare and encourages better enrollment decisions. The uniqueness of Tango Health lies in its approach to integrating advanced AI tools and medical/pharmacy claim records with an easy-to-use employee interface.

Without a way to end the uncertainty of a decision, employees double down on the health plan they are already in and mentally block new information about other available options

Tango’s software delivers more accurate cost estimates and recommendations by leveraging individual claims data from the previous year and tax savings from spending accounts. Employees can dive into the details and calculations or jump straight to the recommendation. This hyper-personalized and flexible approach drives employees to make better-informed decisions, usually in just three minutes.

Tango Health further differentiates themselves by integrating AI to help HR teams predict how the plans will perform before open enrollment. HR can validate their plan design by quickly seeing which plans will be recommended to employees based on their claims data and tweak the plans as needed. Tango already has a long history of helping employers leverage their technology to meet the critical demands of ACA compliance.

To further elaborate Tango’s expertise, Van Horn recollects a scenario where they worked with a financial services firm. The company wanted to introduce a high deductible plan for its employees and Tango Decision Assist helped them achieve 170 percent of their enrollment target in one year. The implementation was a massive success as the firm’s employees originally would not consider changing their enrollment, even if they were paying a higher amount for fewer benefits. The employees, mostly made up of financial analysts, rallied behind Tango’s software to see cost estimates based on their previous expenses, edit specific services, see transparent calculations and quickly compare plans based on the data.

Tango’s powerful, yet user-friendly software contributes to their ‘Excellent’ customer-satisfaction rating. The company believes in assisting employees in choosing healthcare plans and other benefits based on their requirements and needs rather than just providing a one-size-fits-all solution. With the advancement in technology and increase in historical customer data, Tango’s unique approach in delivering value to their clients and their employees is the need of the hour.